grasses for shade shady areas

Grasses For Shade Dealing With Shady Areas

Many garden lawns suffer from shady areas these can easily be sorted by using an appropriate grasses for shade seed mix. Having areas of shade within your garden is almost inevitable, quite often it is caused by trees, bushes or buildings adjacent to your lawn.

What do we mean by the term Shade?

Shade quite literally means the blocking of direct sunlight. Many plants will struggle to flourish in such conditions particularly where you have poor soil. When it comes to your lawn you can get special grasses called shade seed mixes which are hardy enough to cope with these low light poor soil conditions.

What does shade do?

All green plants rely on sunlight to generate the right sugars that go to creating energy for plants. Shade promotes lower sugar production and ultimately reduced growth.

How to apply Grasses For Shade Seed Mix

Preparation – Remove any dead or discoloured grass and break up hard soil to help the seeds bed in.

  1. Application – Evenly apply our Shaded Area Lawn Seed Mix so that you evenly cover the exposed area ensuring that you can still see exposed soil. This encourages the seed to make contact with the soil. Only apply the recommended amount so that seeds get enough water and nutrients.
  2. Watering – Once you have applied the seed ensure they get a thorough soaking of water. Try to avoid pooling the water in one particular area. Please ensure you water the affected areas daily ensuring the surface areas are moist, continue to do so until the new sprouted grass reach an approximate height of 4 cm or 2 inches.