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Should I Water My Lawn and How Often?

watering your lawn

The past weekend we experienced was the perfect weather for gardening and the best time for you to mow and water your lawn.

The watering of lawns is a controversial subject within the gardening community. Each gardener will have their owned prefered techniques and methods when it comes to watering their lawn.

Some will say you shouldn’t water your lawn and others say you should. So who do you believe?

The Case For Not Watering Your Garden

Watering your lawn isn’t required. Researchers have shown that it isn’t a necessity to water your lawn. The grass is different from any other type of plant and will enter a dormant state when there is no moisture. The plant will resume growth when water becomes available.

There are no 2 lawns alike, all have varying properties and different needs. Most lawns here in the UK will survive through long periods without water. Perhaps up to months. The lawn may start to lose its colour but usually, the lawn will not be affecting.

Our advice would be to keep your eye open for any drastic change in your lawn. If your lawn is looking a little worse for ware then we would suggest you speak to a professional gardener.

The Case For Watering Your Lawn

There are plenty of reasons why you should water your lawn. If you like to keep a good surface area for playing games or for young children to play then we would advise watering your lawn regularly.

We would always advise you to water your lawn in the morning and never at night. If you do not have time to water your lawn in the mornings when we would advise you to invest in a sprinkler system.

Of course, sometime it may not be beneficial to water your lawn. In cases of a drought, or reservoirs are not being replenished, then it may do more harm than good.

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

We would always recommend watering your lawn when it tells you too. You should not water your lawn according to some online plan. There are various factors you need to take into account.

Your soil type, grass type, exposure to the sun and winds are just a few varying factors to take into account. Some lawns will need to be watered once per week and other can go a whole month before watering. There is not one rule for everyone.

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Our Top Summer Season Gardening Tips

Summer Season Gardening Tips

Can you believe we have had the hottest early May Bank Holiday since records began? With temperatures creeping into the low 30’s here in the Midlands, it has been a wonderful weekend for gardening. So while the hot weather is still here we may as well run down our summer season gardening tips.

Summer Season Gardening Tips

Be Water Wise

With temperatures reaching 30°C over the bank holiday weekend it’s essential that you be water wise! Your soil beds are going to become dry. Help your soil bed retain water by watering them early in the morning for optimum results. This will help minimize the effects of evaporation.

Make Time to Mow

There’s no sweeter sound of the summer season than the sound of a buzzing lawnmower. When you hear this sound early on a Saturday morning you know that it is time to start mowing your lawn. Our advice, mow your lawn little and often instead of attacking your 2 feet high grass blades at once. You can find out more about how to mow the perfect lawn here.

However, we would always advise once you have finished mowing your lawn spread your grass clippings across your compost heap in shallow layers. If you do this with a huge mound you run the risk of turning the grass clippings limy and you will spoil the compost underneath.

lawn mowing tips

Refresh Yourself

You need to make sure that when you are gardening in the heat you have regular breaks. Every 20-minutes to half an hour it is essential that find yourself some shade and have a drink of water.  

We would also recommend that you apply sunscreen to your skin, to prevent burning and heat stroke. After you have had a short break you can get stuck back in.

Lawn Wear & Tear

Animal and Pet Repair Lawn Seed

Over the next few months, your lawn will be host to family, friends and the dog. So you may find that some parts of the garden grass will start to look a little worst for wear. Especially if you are a dog owner.

dogs tend to follow the same pattern when they are in the garden so you’ll find that certain areas of your lawn will start to wear thin and start to become discoloured.

We would advise that you invest in our Animal and Pet Repair Lawn Seed. This will help to quickly renovate patches damaged by your beloved dogs.

Weed Control 

Weeds are always a problem in the garden, taking vital nutrients and water away from your lawn. It’s time to get in control of them. We would advise that before you get to work with the knife and weed killer you carefully research the type of weeds that you are invading your lawn.

For weeds that are growing in your lawn, we would recommend that you use Vitax Green Up Lawn Feed & Moss Weed Killer. 

This type of product helps to control the weeds within your lawn while also feeding the lawn with vital nutrients. This product should be applied to your lawn from April to September. So now would be a perfect time. Plus you can get 5% off your first order using promotional code FIRSTORDER5% at the checkout.

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We hope you enjoyed our summer season gardening tips, if you’re quick you can get 5% off your first order using promotional code FIRSTORDER5% at the checkout. what are you waiting for? Time to go seed shopping.


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Keep Off The Frozen Lawn!

Frozen Lawn

With the Beast From The East currently sweeping through the United Kingdom, the Lawn Seeds team would advise you not to step out onto your frozen lawn.

Frozen Lawn? Steer Clear

A frozen lawn is nothing to worry about, you can’t really prevent a frost. Unfortunately, you will have to sit and wait till your lawn has thawed out. However, walking on your lawn when it is frozen over can cause a great deal of harm. This can cause the frozen grass blades to break, resulting in a damaged lawn. Over time your lawn will recover but it may not fully heal until the following spring.

When a heavy object is applied to the frozen grass blades the water will expand and slice through the grass. This will cause a great deal of cellular damage. The damage caused isn’t permanent, however, it is beneficial that you notify friends, family and the postal service to stay clear of your lawn. Especially if it is the focal point of your garden.







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How to Make Your Lawn Stand out This Spring

lawn mowing tips

Are You in Need of Lawn Mowing Tips? Then Lawn Seeds Are Here to Help You.

Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of springtime? The day’s start to feel longer, the nights get lighter and you’ll no doubt be hosting the family BBQ once or twice over the season. Although you may have to pick your moment carefully with how temperamental the weather is here in the UK.

Ah, but let’s not forget the preparation. Before you can start digging the BBQ out you’re probably going to have to tend to your lawn. After a fairly harsh winter season, your garden is likely to need some attention. 

Firstly you’re going to want to clear up that lawn.

First Thing You Need to Do

Make sure before you even think about bringing that lawnmower out of the shed. Make sure that the garden is clear. Pegs, bark chippings and anything else that’s lying around on the grass. This is purely for you and your family’s safety.

If a clothing peg or piece of bark was to get caught in your lawnmower, it could seriously injure yourself or your family. Always make sure the mowing field is clear before you begin.

The First Mow of the Year

The key to mowing your grass is little and often. Regular cuts keep the lawn thick and tidy and deter weeds from growing. A vast majority of gardens, we would recommend setting your mower blade to 3cm and cut your lawn once a week. As soon as your grass has started to grow faster lower your blade to 2cm and cut twice a week.

Lawn Mowing Tips 

  • Only mow your grass when the grass is completely dry
  • Make sure that the blades on your lawnmower and sharp and balanced, if not this could lead to uneven terrain.
  • Most modern lawn mowers come with a built-in circuit breaker, however, if you are using an older one we would advise you invest in one from your local DIY store.
  • Leave any grass trimmings on your lawn. These will break down and help contribute nitrogen and nutrients to your garden.

Suffering from Patchy Grass? Lawn Seeds Are Here for You

Has your grass started to look a little tired and patchy? Have you noticed a patch of grass is missing from where your children have been playing? Or perhaps your pet has started to dig up your garden.

We have a solution for you. With plenty of grass seed products, you’re guaranteed to find the right product for your lawn.