Lawn, Grass fertilisers available in liquid and granular form.

This section contains information on fertilisers/bio-stimulants/soil conditioners allowing customers to improve growth and health of plants, improve soil conditions/structure, microbial/mycorrhizal populations and general soil fertility

Our fertilisers are mainly granular blends of very uniform particle size, made from the finest ingredients, both standard and slow release, quality controlled to give uniform spreading and in-use performance

New developments in fertiliser technology allows us to bring to the market new ways of releasing the nutrients into the soil environment which are compatible with the plants uptake requirements

The introduction of both Mycorrhizae and Bacteria to fertilisers brings the natural soil microbial balance more in line with natural norms and lessens the impact of the introduced nutrients on soil microbial populations.

Fertilisers should always be applied according to the instructions and if in doubt applied at the lowest recommended dose.

Unless good cultural practices are maintained to keep soil in good condition, fertiliser usage will not be optimised

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Showing all 11 results