Agricultural Grasses

We offer a range of agricultural grasses, from grazing to environmental mixes, we have produced a range of products which can be supplied in small packs to pallet loads.

These grass seed products are used for a variety of purposes: Hay, haylage, silage or simply left un-cut for grazing.

The establishment of an even stand of grass and clover is essential for the production of milk or meat from a ruminant animal. Grass provides a huge abundance of potentially high quality roughage. Grasses and legumes are the cow’s natural feed, and by using today’s modern and highly trialled cultivars, it is possible to establish, maintain and utilise these natural foods to produce high production levels of milk and meat.

The first step to achieving the desired result is to select a blend of grass and clover from the following mixtures, which will provide grazing, conservation or a blend of both. The mixture selector is provided to help your decision and will guide you through short term cutting to long term grazing mixtures and many options in between.

This year we have been preoccupied with climate change, and increased input costs, not only of seeds but also basic nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. As you would expect with the world’s leading grass seed breeder and producer, we have sought ways to help the farmer with these basic issues. iSeed® treated seed has been introduced, which we see as an excellent way of putting fertiliser exactly where it is needed – that is in close proximity to the emerging seedling. This has produced a product which not only enhances establishment but is environmentally friendly. We have also looked at other ways of enhancing crop establishment by stimulation of already existing soil components and not by fertiliser placement. Bio-stimulants provide an important basis for improved soil viability thus making establishment of future crops more consistent. A more active soil is our aim; this will create the foundation for improved seed establishment and a basis to increase nitrogen fixation from the atmosphere. The pressure to produce more food will become ever more important but this must not be to the detriment of the soil.