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If you’re unsure how much seed to order why not use our grass seed calculator shown at the bottom of this page to see how much to order, this is a great tool to ensure you do not order too little or too much seed and don’t forget you can get 5% off your first order and free shipping with our Lawn Seed Offers.


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Grass & Lawn Seed Calculator


Our online grass seed calculator will help you calculate how much seed you will require for your garden lawn or amenity project.

Our calculator shows two amounts for different requirements. “Sowing” is the amount we recommend for seeding from scratch on bare soil. “Overseeding” is the amount we recommend for rejuvenating a tired lawn or area of grass. Enter the length and width of the area you wish to seed and the totals needed will be displayed.


If you’re looking for help with in preparing or maintaining your new lawn then please checkout our Help and Advice section, filled with pages to help you achieve the best results for the perfect garden. Don’t forget our Lawn Seed Offers with 5% off your first order using promotional code FIRSTORDER5% at checkout.


The First Mow of the Season

The first mow of the season is an essential part of keeping your lawn looking amazing all year round. With gardens being left to their own devices over the winter period you may find that your lawn is out of control and is in need of a cut!

The Spring season would be the perfect time to guide you in how to get the first mow of the season just right. Adding longevity to your lawn throughout the year.

It’s perhaps only been 12 weeks since we last stepped foot in our gardens, you may find that things have changed in that short amount of time. Blades of grass have grown at an exponential rate, weeds are sprouting from your pathing slabs, and you may even find some damage to your lawn after the recent bouts of snow the UK had back in January. 

First Things First – Pre-cut Tidy Up Maybe Sow Some Grass Seed

Your garden has potentially spent months untouched. Starved of sunshine and looking a little worse for wear. This is why it’s very important to both your garden and yourself that before you even remove your lawnmower from the shed that you take your time to clean up your lawn. Clear any mess that you have on your lawn. These can include:

  • Washing line pegs
  • Pinecones that have fallen from trees
  • Sticks
  • Leaves
  • Any rubbish that could have gathered

We would also recommend keeping your eye out for hidden things within the grassy area. Stones or thick tree branches may have made their way into your overgrown garden area. If your lawnmower catches any of these items it could damage your lawnmower blade. Causing loss of time, money and if you’re like myself patience.

Any item that you have collected from your lawn area we would encourage you not to throw away. Instead if appropriate, you could:

  • Add the items to a wilder area of your garden
  • Recycle leaves, twigs etc.

Don’t Leave The First Cut Too Late

Depending on where in the world you are reading this from, the difference in climate has a huge impact on when is best to start your first mow of the season. However, here in the UK research has shown that the optimal time is within the first two weeks of April. 

Moisture levels.

Cutting wet grass with damp soil is not ideal. The ideal time to cut can come and go in the blink of an April shower. It is often not possible to wait for that ideal sunny day when the ground soil is completely dry. That’s British weather for you. Choosing a time when the blades of grass are free from water droplets and the soil is no more than “tacky” to the touch might be the best conditions. If you can be a little flexible, your lawn will thank you for it.

 A light mower that takes off the Winter growth leaving enough of each blade to grow strongly as Spring progresses is an option. If your lawn and budget stretch to a heavy mower for fast Summer cutting and a light mower for those early season trims

Soil Temperature

Most grasses are hardy and survive well. But a good lawn isn’t just about “having some grass”.  Cutting when it is too cold, trimming back the grass blades before they are developed well enough to provide the surface area for effective photosynthesis can have you playing catch up with a malnourished lawn for the rest of the growing season.

A temperature above 10 degrees is good and above 12 degrees centigrade is ideal Some seeds are recommended for colder climates and can be cut and grow effectively a few degrees lower than this.  Our seed selection has a full range for you to choose just the right seed for your circumstances

The First Cut

The first cut is the most important. We would recommend setting your mower blade to 3cm and cut your lawn once a week. As soon as your grass has started to grow faster, lower your blade to 2cm and cut twice a week. Our advice would be to mow your lawn little and often. Regular cutting will help keep the lawn thick, tidy and even and will help deter weeds from growing.

Things To Considers

  • Only mow your grass when the grass is completely dry and not after sowing any grass seed
  • Make sure that the blades on your lawnmower and sharp and balanced, if not this could lead to uneven terrain.
  • Most modern lawn mowers come with a built-in circuit breaker, however, if you are using an older one we would advise you invest in one from your local DIY store.