Hardwearing Grass Seed – Ideal for Children & Animals

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Quality hard wearing grass seed to help create a tough grass / durable lawn for gardens where children like to play or dogs like to urinate. Our Hardwearing Grass Seed is ideal for areas that experience a lot of heavy traffic.

  • Kids and dog friendly
  • Hardwearing grass
  • Tough grass
  • Long lasting
  • Pet urine resistant
  • Back lawn
Actual Area (sq m) 13
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Key features of our Hardwearing Grass Seed

  • Suitable for gardens with pets, particularly dogs
  • Tough and durable grass, ideal for children playing
  • Suitable for high traffic areas
  • Good for damaged or dug up areas
  • Quick growing
  • Minimises the effects of salts from dog and other pet urine

Why is this Tough Grass Seed Good?

  • Hard wearing lawn seeds are made from high-quality ingredients such as ryegrasses, fescues and bentgrass.
  • Simply prepare the ground and plant the fast-growing seed mix, which produces rapid germination and growth. 
  • Create new lawns, fix urine patches, or improve existing grass with this highly effective grass seed.
  • Our tough grass lawn seed mixture has been created based on the UK weather, so it develops all year round.
  • This tough grass seed is super strong and hard wearing, for all pets and garden fun.
  • It’s ideal for families with children and pets, and it can withstand heavy use in every weather.
Happy flying dog across a garden lawn
Our dog friendly grass seed is the ideal product for gardens with heavy footfall, particularly suited for children and pet heavy areas.

How to apply our Hardwearing Grass Seed

  1. Preparation – Remove any dead or discoloured grass and break up hard soil to help the seeds bed in.
  2. Application – Evenly apply our Grass Seed so that you evenly cover the exposed area ensuring that you can still see exposed soil. This encourages the seed to make contact with the soil. Only apply the recommended amount so that seeds get enough water and nutrients.
  3. Watering – Once you have applied the seed ensure they get a thorough soaking of water. Try to avoid pooling the water in one particular area. Please ensure you water the affected areas daily ensuring the surface areas are moist, continue to do so until the new sprouted grass reach an approximate height of 4 cm or 2 inches.

Application Calendar

Our Hardwearing Grass Seed is best sown from mid to late Summer to mid-autumn, you will experience less competition from other plants such as weeds and soil will be warm. You can also sow during Spring but ensure you use plenty of water and avoid walking on fresh grass.

For a list of help and advise questions and answers please visit out help and advice section. Thank you.

You can find further advice on the best time to sow your hardwearing lawn seed by visiting the BBC website.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Ideal For

Children Play Areas, Gardens With Dogs, Dog Urine, Damaged Patches

Growing Rate

Quick Growing


Growing All Things




Ryegrasses, Fescues, Bentgrass

5 reviews for Hardwearing Grass Seed – Ideal for Children & Animals

  1. John

    I bought this seed recently, very impressed with how quickly it arrived, I’ve now sown the seed and the grass shoots are already starting to show. Would recommend.

  2. Paul

    We used this tough grass seed to on the areas where our Black Labrador liked to urinate and following the instructions carefully we had lush strong grass growing within weeks. Highly recommend to use on patches as well as a complete new lawn for your garden. Top rated!

    • LawnSeeds

      Thanks Paul. Glad our hard wearing grass seed worked a treat for you. Make sure you water regularly while the seeds germinate.

  3. Estela

    The seed arrived early and germinated quickly, will defo use again.

  4. Louise

    I’ve always struggled with my grass the dog seems to make a mess of it but this latest batch of seed has proven to be really hardy!

  5. Tesha

    This was great for filling in patches that the dog and kids have made on our lawn.

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