Perennial Chicory

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Perennial Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is a woody, perennial herb of the Dandelion family (Asteraceae) and has attractive bright blue flowers which are, on rare occasions, white or pink. It is grown as a forage crop for livestock. It can also be grown as a game cover crop as it reaches a good height of around 2m in the second year. It has excellent drought resistance due to deep roots and a good tolerance to acidic soil and a lot of major pests. Avoid very wet soils. Chicory is relished by deer.

Sowing Date: Spring
Sowing Rate:
2kg per Acre

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Perennial Chicory Key Benefits

  • Outstanding animal performance (e.g. lamb growth rates of 300-400g/day)
  • Yields up to 15tDM/ha in a season; crude protein up to 25%; D-value 70-80
  • High mineral content, including zinc, potassium and copper
  • Good tolerance to drought, acidic soils and major pests
  • Rapid regrowth after grazing
  • Reduces the effect of internal parasites and does not cause bloat
  • Provides high-quality feed through the summer

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