Brown Mustard

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Brown Mustard (Brassica Juncea) is a cost effective, winter hardy, easy to establish green manure/cover crop that is used to suppress weeds, improve soil structure and move water from deep down in the soil closer to the surface. It has strong early vigour and very good autumnal growth.

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Brown Mustard for Green Manure Crops

Brown Mustard is very useful for its biofumigation properties where it is active against many soil borne pests and diseases, especially for potato growers. It is also a very effective Nitrogen catcher when turned over and put back in to the soil. As a green manure crop, Brown Mustard would be available between 50-70 days from sowing.

  • Easy and fast establishment
  • Good ground cover and weed suppression
  • Reduces potato cyst nematodes and their subsequent effects on future potato crops
  • Brassica so care must be taken if other brassicas are in the rotation
  • Better winter hardiness than white mustard
  • Will improve organic matters and soil health
  • Grown for its biofumigant properties to aid in the reduction of soil borne pests.
  • 1 Acre = 2 KG approx
  • 1 Hectare = 5KG approx

Spreading Instructions

For accurate application of your Brown Mustard seed, mark out plots at one metre intervals using string or cane. Use a spreader ensuring that it is correctly calibrated for this product. Avoid drift onto nearby plants and borders.

Avoid walking on treated areas until watered in or rain has fallen.

Brassica juncea var. juncea 3

Brassica juncea - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-168

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