Rivendell Small Leaved White Clover Seeds Per KG

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White Clover is a perennial weed and is very common on lawns throughout the UK. This low growing weed has creeping runners that travel along the surface and can quickly colonise a lawn.

This clover is also perfect for bees as it is a great source of nectar.

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When creating a White Clover lawn there factors to consider, honey bees will be attracted, these are good to have in the garden as they pollinate the flowers. However, when there is a white clover lawn, the bees will be widespread and this may cause issues if you have children. For the majority, white clover will handle heavy foot traffic pretty well. But, if your yard is walked on frequently in certain areas this will cause the lawn to become dead and patchy.

White Clover lawns can be established by encouraging already existing clover patches in your landscape, by seeding, or a combination of both. It is best sown in early spring from mid-March to mid-April. Once seeded use a misting attachment to water daily until you can see the seedlings. It is a short lived perennial and may require reseeding once every three years to maintain consistent coverage, may successfully reseed naturally.

Rivendell Small Leaved White Clovers

  • High protein content which is good for fattening livestock
  • More persistent than red clover
  • Highly nutritional and palatable therefore important in pasture mixes for sheep and cattle
  • Fixes nitrogen improving soil fertility to aid grass growth
  • Small, medium and large leafed types

For help on when to sow your new white clover seeds please see our help and advice section with pages like Best Time to Sow and Grow.

You can also find further information from Wikipedia on this particular species.

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