Butterfly Wildflower Mix

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A premium bag of Butterfly Wildflower Mix containing many different species of flower mix.

  • 80% Low maintenance grasses
  • 20% Flora blend
Actual Area (sq m) 400
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80% Low Maintenance Grasses
20% Flora Blend

Hedge Garlic – White/Cream – Height 50-125cm
Red Clover – Red – Height 80cm
White Clover – White – Height 10-30cm
Birdsfoot Trefoil – Yellow – Height 10-40cm
Common Sorrell – Red – Height 30-80cm
Musk Mallow – Pink – Height 40-70cm
Common Mallow – Pink/Purple – Height 30-90cm
Vipers Bugloss – Blue – Height 80cm
Devils Bit Scabious – Purple/Blue – Height 30-60cm
Cowslip – Yellow – Height 25cm
Kidney Vetch – Yellow – Height 15-40cm

Grasses – Crested Dogstail, Slender Red Fescue, Bent Grass, Sheeps Fescue, Sweet Vernal and Yellow Oatgrass

Key features of our Butterfly Wildflower Mix

  • 80% Low maintenance grasses
  • 20% Flora blend
  • Economy mix

How to sow our Butterfly Wildflower Mix

  1. Small areas – Remove any weeds by hand or by using a black plastic membrane for at least 3 months prior to sowing.
  2. Larger areas – If large numbers of perennial weeds, such as dandelions, nettles and docks are present then a non-chemical control method may not work. If this is the case then spray off existing vegetation (unless it is already species-rich) using non-residual systemic glyphosate-containing weedkiller.
  3. Dig and turn the soil and compact and rake as you would for seeding a new lawn.
  4. It is advised not to use a fertiliser as this could over encourage grasses that over power the wildflowers.
  5. Wait 4 to 6 weeks for the ground to settle and for any weeds to show. Remove these before sowing.
  6. Now you are ready to sow your General Purpose Wildflower Mix. As a guide seeds should be sown at 5g per square metre. You may need to mix the seed with silver sand to make distribution easier.
  7. Ensure you rake in lightly and soak to ground thoroughly with water then leave to grow.
  8. Use some netting if pests such as birds become a problem.

Application Calendar

Our General Purpose Wildflower Mix is best sown from March and April or in September, depending on soil conditions. Lighter soils can be sown in Autumn.

For help and advice on preparing your ground please visit our help and advice section. Further advice can be found at the RHS. Thank you.

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