Giant Sorghum

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Giant Sorghum is a fast growing, hardy species that will form a quality dense cover and shelter, making it ideal for a windbreak around a maze.
This sorghum does not provide feed, so you will have to mix with a feed crop.

Sowing Date: May/June
Sowing Rate: 12kg per Acre

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Giant Sorghum Is A Hardy Species

The Giant Sorghum and our other catch and cover crops offer both essential ground cover and food for both game-birds and for a wide range of wildlife, from voles to deer. For all our Game Cover Crops please see our full range.

Giant Sorghum provides a good screen around plots of exposed sites. It will still supply good cover even as the season progresses and the Sorghum breaks down. It is a good choice to sow later on in the season due to its rapid growth habit.

‘Susu’ is a variety of Giant Sorghum, itself is a Sorghum x Sudan Grass hybrid, which reaches around 2m tall and is therefore a very useful windbreak to protect more vulnerable crops. For example, a 3-6m strip alongside a crop of Maize will provide ideal protection. Sorghum has a deep root system and this enables it to withstand periods of drought and can be prone to lodging later in the season.

Further information about this particular variety of game cover can be found on the Wiki website.

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Giant Sorghum


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