EarthWay 3400 Hand Spreader

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Do you have small areas or need occasional spot spreading, look for an EarthWay 3400 Hand Spreader. The 3400 is an ergonomic hand spreader for use with seed, fertiliser, ice melters, and any granular material. Designed for smaller hands with an integrated scoop design, the 3400 can scoop material out of bags or cans so you don’t need to touch the material you are spreading. With 1.8 litre capacity, the 3400 makes quick work of spot spreading, or applying ice melt to sidewalks.

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Key features of our EarthWay 3400 Hand Spreader

  • Rustproof poly 110 cubic inch/1.8 liter capacity
  • Adjustable rate control
  • High-speed hand crank gearbox
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Ergonomic handle and scoop front design
  • Download PDF manual 3400 Hand Spreader

How to use our EarthWay 3400 Hand Spreader

  1. Ideal for use with Vitax Growmore Fertiliser.
  2. Place the Spreader at the front edge lawn. Make sure the flow lever is closed, fill the hopper, then open the flow lever and push the spreader for three paces of your normal walking speed.

Application Calendar

Our 3400 Hand Spreader is best used from mid to late Summer to mid-autumn or early Spring.

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EarthWay 3400 Hand Spreader


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