EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus

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  • Designed for the easy application of EverGreen lawn treatment products and grass seed
  • Sophisticated dispensing mechanism with adjustable settings to ensure correct application rate
  • Drop spreader allows accurate application, preventing product from escaping out the sides and landing on beds and borders
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient on/off switch for safe turn-around
  • Use with Evergreen and Miracle-Gro granular lawn care and/or grass seed products only

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The EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus is ideal for applying granular lawn products and seed to your lawn. Being a drop spreader, it allows you to apply your lawn product and seed accurately. This means that no product will escape from the sides and land on beds and borders, which is particularly important when applying weed and/or moss control products. The Easy Spreader Plus has a convenient on and off switch for safe turn around, and adjustable settings to ensure the correct application rate for the product.

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