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How To Safely Remove Weeds From Your Garden

removing weeds from your garden

Removing Weeds From Your Garden

With the great British summer time just around the corner, your going to want your garden to impress and after the winter season, there may be a lot of jobs to do.

Perhaps one of the most infuriating parts of gardening is removing weeds from your pathways, lawn and borders. 

Technically speaking a weed is just a plant that’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Usually, it is one of two things, either a seed from another plant or something more invasive that you really want out of your garden.

Unfortunately, you will never fully be able to stop weeds from cropping up from time to time. But there are ways in which you can remove weeds from growing.

How to Remove Weeds From Borders, Pathways & The Lawn

Weeds in the Borders – Yearley weed seeds can survive in your garden for years in your soil bed, sitting there and waiting for the perfect conditions for them to grow. They germinate at much lower temperatures than most garden plants and can easily grow and seed very quickly. It’s very important that you recognise them at a seedling stage. This will allow you to remove the weed without removing any flower or vegetable seeds

Weeds on the Path – If you have an abundance of weeds building up on your pathing slabs we would recommend using an old kitchen knife or you can purchase a special paving brush from most DIY stores. Carefully scrape the weeds out of the gaps between paving slabs, making sure to not pull the knife towards you.

Weeds in the Lawn – We would advise you to keep your lawn as healthy as possible to avoid weed growth. However, if you do have a few weeds growing throughout your lawn then you can easily purchase some herbicide gel.


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