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These Wildflower Seeds are EU origin

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Wildflower Seeds are EU origin

  • Chicory is good for attracting pollinating insects with it’s attractive blue flowers.
  • Quaking grass is a perennial with tufted plants with smooth flat green leaves. Its foliage is short at the bottom of a sward, growing to a height of 50cm in June.
  • Red Fescue is a fine leaved perennial grass of medium height. Its fine, mid to dark green glossy leaves is the most recognisable feature, red fescue is an extremely variable species, growing in dense tufts.
  • Common Bent – It is the tallest of the bents with very fine texture and like most bent grasses grows very densely.
  • The leaves of Smaller Catstail are flat, hairless and pale greyish-green in colour.

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Chicory (Cichorum Intybus), Quaking Grass (Briza Media), Common Bent (Agrostis Capillaris), Smaller Cats Tail (Phleum Bertolonii), Strong Red Fescue (Festuca Rubra)


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